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The music of Enrique Males has an original taste.  It overcomes us to the past, it keeps a flavour from long-haul and simultaneously it bring us a pure vanguard quechua art.

Enrique Males is an artist in fight for the respect of his roots.  He has recorded 10 albums and has participated in many world music festivals in the United States, Spain, France, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama...

Former member of the Ecuadorian National
Ballet, he is one of the founders of the famous group of traditional music of Ecuador, Ņanda Maņachi.

His voice, warm and ample, inspires to many Andean music singers. His creativity intercross with other great Latin American singers like Leon Gieco and Silvio Rodriguez.

Popular singer dedicated to music by three decades, he finds his roots in the etno-contemporanean art.

Face of stone, like the one of its grandparents and their ancestors, Enrique Males takes place in scene with instruments of pre-Columbian design and spreads his songs or poems of quechua poets of Ecuador arranged by himself.


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