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The Voice of the Andes is the nickname given to the Bolivian singer, Luzmila Carpio, by her most praise worthy admirers.

A current star in traditional music of the Andes, Luzmila Carpio has gained international praise for her traditional Quechua songs, tunes that have brought indigenous Bolivian culture and history to the world.

Luzmila Carpio is a descendant of the men and women who built one of humanity’s greatest civilizations and whose empire glowed with all its splendor just before disappearing, a victim of the Spanish invasion.

Born in a small village perched in the Andes Mountains, she has been taught from childhood the secrets of Aymara and Quechua traditional women’s singing and became increasingly conscious of her cultural heritage.

From 1969, when she recorded her first song titles, until today, Luzmila has gone on to become the Queen of Bolivian singing and has already recorded over fifteen albums four of which have been awarded gold discs.

She has won the admiration of the public by the exceptional purity of her voice, capable of rising to unimaginable heights; and by the high quality of her repertoire, nourished from the purist of sources of a tradition lost in the shrouds of time. Her singing is unlike any other you may heard from Latin America. It has the unique ring of a people fighting for its survival and dignity, the ring of truth.

Her creative work, inspired by the highest sources, is reminiscent of a fresh breeze flowing through octaves with the ease of flight, revealing an ancient knowledge that touches our hearts.

"I use the language and music of my people, that of the Indian land, of our mountains, of our lakes, of the air we breathe. I sing my love for the land which witnessed my birth, the land of my ancestors. I speak of Pachamama, Mother Earth, of harmony and love, of the role of women in our civilization, of coexistence between man and nature within a cosmic order, of our traditions, which must not be lost."

# Auditori of Barcelona, 1999
# Royal Circus of Brussels, 1997
# London's Queen Elizabeth Hall, 1997
# Eglise Saint-Roch in Paris, 1996
# Radio France, 1996
# Victoria Hall in Geneva, 1995
# Opera Comique de Paris, Salle Favart, 1983

Recent Albums
# The Song of the Earth and Stars
# Kuntur Mallku - The Messenger
# Arawi - The Spirit of the Andes
# The Voices for Peace feat. Noa, Miriam Makeba,...

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Luzmila Carpio is renowned as having one of the world’s most beautiful traditional voices. Her numerous tours have met with critical acclaim and won the respect of ever-growing legions of fans, and artists such as Manu Chao or Mercedes Sosa. Yehudi Menuhin said upon hearing her, “Luzmila Carpio is a violin that sings”.

Through her plaintive and penetrating voice, these chilling vocal pieces, accompanied by traditional instruments such as Andean flutes, evoke the natural elements of Bolivia; even the whistling wind is tangible. With an interesting periodic resemblance to the music of North American Indians and a spirit that might occasionally bring to mind the musical styles of the East, these striking pieces are not to be missed by world music enthusiasts. Absolutely arresting and captivating.

Audio & video sampler
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Irpa Achachilakana - Sacred Mountains (video)
Music & lyrics by Luzmila Carpio
orchestrated by Pierrick Hardy

Arrullo a la Pachamama (audio)
Music & lyrics by Luzmila Carpio
orchestrated by Pierrick Hardy

Winay LLaqta - People of Eternity (audio)
Music & lyrics by Luzmila Carpio
orchestrated by Yvan Cassar

Warmikunapaq - Women forever (audio)
Music & lyrics by Luzmila Carpio
orchestrated by Carolin Petit

Quyllur - Prayer to the Moon and the Stars (audio)
Music & lyrics by Luzmila Carpio

Arawi - the Spirit of the Andes
Music by S. Roncal.
Lyrics and musical arrangements by Luzmila Carpio

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